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What Is the PMP? Why there Are so many People Take the PMP Test?

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There is a saying which indicates that nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. When you do something without a systematic theory to guide you, you will find:

  1. If it’s a small skirmish and a small case, it may also be hard to get through.
  2. For large-scale cases, it is possible to overcome difficulties smoothly if you have previous experience. But if it is brand new and there is no systematic theory at this time, it will inevitably be a mess.

Learning the PMP can improve the management ability so that the daily work will be solved with ease. With some theoretical guidance, you will not feel the panic or chaos from now on, and just be calm in the face of wind and clouds surging.

So, what is the PMP?

The PMP certification is the project management professional qualification. It is heroic to say that PMP certification can be used for any industry, or even for any individual.

From the Perspective of Career Planning:

Right now you may be a small assistant of a project manager, but a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good soldier. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a project manager!

At this time, if you learn PMP, you will have a good grasp of the theoretical knowledge of project management, so that in the work, the ability to calmly face the trouble will be greatly improved! And you quickly understand when your predecessors solve project problems in ways you didn’t expect. This will make you better at the job than the same new hires. The accumulation of experience need the theory to support with absorbing and understanding the experiences of others.

If you want to be a project manager, the PMP is your powerful weapon!

From the Perspective of Personal Management:

If you think PMP is only for the project management people, you have make the mistakes!

PMP is a course applicable to all management fields. In addition to work, it is also applicable to personal management of daily life. For example, cost management, time management and risk management in PMP can all be used to guide one’s daily life.

If you want to live a different life, the PMP is your guide book.

From the Perspective of Expanding Contacts and Communication:

Maybe work makes you tired and life makes you boring. You want to improve yourself and you’re ready to learn something more. There is no doubt that taking a course that is beneficial to both your work and your life which should be your best choice!

In my opinion, choosing PMP will not only broaden your knowledge field, but also have a very important incidental value: your interpersonal field. By applying for PMP, you can meet management talents in different fields. You can communicate with each other and learn from each other. You solve and understand problems. You have stepped out of your narrow circle, your abilities have risen, and your lives have been enriched.

Expand your network, release your pressure, register for PMP, and open another window of your life.

Having said so much, why there are so many people apply for the PMP examination. I think we all understand. So, how to register for the PMP?

According to the latest PMI regulations, the PMP examination must be completed in a training program organized by a PMI authorized body, and 35 training hours must be obtained before the examination can be taken. Accordingly, the choice of a qualified, senior training school has become a top priority. SPOTO founded in 2003, has been teaching the PMP for 18 years, and there are good teachers for you to study and prepare for the exam.

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