The Secret to Up your Tennis Game – Tips from Coaches

Tennis Game

There are many ways you can improve your tennis game for the better. Listed below are some tips from professional coaches of the global standard:

Early Planning:

Preparing sooner means you must turn your hips and shoulders prior to the approaching ball bounces on your side. You need to get that racquet back.


Several players will hit a ball. They will watch the ball and even compliment themselves on the shot. Your responsibility is to hit and recover.

The best thing to do is watch the professionals carefully. This appears as if pros are recovering right in the middle of their hit.

Experts do not recommend reaching extreme. Simply hit, finish and return back to position.

Overstress Follow Through:

Experts and coaches believe that most individuals regardless of the sport they play can easily improve their stance and skills simply by following through.

They just need to follow through whenever they get a little tense or the opponent has taken control of play and moves them around. Here, you need to focus on exaggerating follow-through.

Move your feet instead of just hitting the ball.


This is important. Experts suggest players and their practice partners start at the service line. However, it is crucial to stand in the middle of singles and doubles lines.

You must play or rally points that hit simply between the lines. Once you gain confidence, start moving back more. You need to do this until you reach the baseline.

The need to have a solid foundation should not be ignored. Maintaining complete balance is also crucial to hit between the lines.

The Momentum of Match:

You need to focus on playing the momentum of the match. The key is to adjust your momentum. Most amateurs rush to get back the points they lose. This is not the rule. You need to slow down.

Experts recommend taking at least 20 seconds between points to gather oneself. Also take a deep breath. In case, you’re achieving points on your serve, try maintaining that impulse.

So if you’re winning two points in a row, there’s momentum and there’s no harm in playing.

Proper footwork in training practices is crucial. Strokes start from the ground upward. So the key is to be in the right place in order to hit the ball well.

Snack and Drink:

You might not know but it is very important to drink on every changeover. Also, keep snacking on every other. Most novice players are unable to keep pace with their nutrition.

This is mainly because they don’t keep eating and drinking all through the match. If you are one of them, have a look at the professionals.

They keep sipping on water and some sports drink each changeover. Others prefer munching on a little piece of Energy Bar. This is a good habit because it helps boost their energy levels all through the match.

To play really well, you need to stay hydrated and maintain energy levels to win.

Weakness of Your Opponent:

As a true blue tennis player, you need to identify the weaknesses of your opponent and hit right there. Each tennis match gives a five-minute warm-up time.

You can use this period to prepare yourself to play and assess your opponent via hitting backhands and forehands. This will let you determine his best and worst at returning.

This is where you need to strategize your game according to their strengths and weaknesses. Experts believe that a player has two options of attack.

First, you can attack their weakness right off the bat. Second, allow them to move through their strengths first. This helps open their weakness. This means you need to hit forehands to a player using a subpar backhand at the early phase of the match.

The idea is to make the opponent uncomfortable to a specific forehand. It is natural that they will try and conceal their weakness. However, you switch as soon as their backhand opens up.

Stringing Racquet:

Ever thought of getting racquet strung by a professional?

Many players weigh, balance, and string all of their racquets with just the right amount of tension for matching their unique style of playing on the court.

A lot of amateurs simply visit the tennis store and pick up anything they see off the shelf.

Getting racquets professionally strung to supplement your own style of play is a wise thing to do. For instance, a livelier string is good for a slow player.


Yes. You need to YouTube yourself. Try getting a buddy to shoot a video of you on the court. A smartphone can be used for this purpose.

Once you watch and review the clip, you’ll be quite surprised by the number of aspects you can adapt into your play, modifications or transformations to be made.

It will help you realize certain things such as the site they’re standing, hitting shots that are too short or deep, etc.

Experts believe that detailed and regular video analysis will go a long way in helping novices and pros to improve their game.

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