Know and Use your Rights While detained in Canada

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Guilty or not guilty, this will be proved by law courts once you have reached in front of them. As a Canadian citizen, you have certain privileges to take advantage of when detained in Toronto & GTA. If you want to get updated on these mentioned issues, then this article is for you. Please read the full article ahead to know your rights when arrested in Canada.

The Canadian Constitution contains a complete Charter of Rights and Freedoms that thoroughly defines your rights overall and in case you get arrested for investigation purposes. There are numerous criminal defense lawyers serving Toronto and GTA for people who got detained due to negligence and crime.

First thing first, if you get detained, no matter what the level of crime is, you have the following rights whether the police tell you or not.

  • The reason for which police have arrested you and the purpose of the investigation.
  • You have the right to call your lawyer as soon as you get detained.
  • You have the right to get Legal Aid and free legal advice.
  • You are allowed to speak to your lawyer in private as soon as possible.

You can choose any of the criminal defense lawyers serving Toronto and GTA, Canada. Keep in mind that once you talk to a lawyer, the police may consider that you took the legal advice you demanded. Because the police are not obliged to provide you with the opportunity to get a lawyer unless you demand it.

In case you did not understand or are not satisfied with what the lawyer advice you got, You have the right to ask the police one of the following:

  • Meet your lawyer again
  • See another lawyer

What Happens When you Want to See a Lawyer

Once you have talked to your lawyer. You have the right to remain silent and do not have to answer. However, the police can continue the investigation session. The police will also provide you with a toll-free number to contact legal advisers like any criminal defense lawyers serving Toronto and GTA, Ca.

If you Are a Minor/Underage 18

Very few know that if you are a minor and detained by the police, you can call your parents or guardians and your lawyer. So that when police start the investigation, you will have both beside you. Again in the case of a minor, only the authority is obliged to sit with a lawyer and/or the guardian during an investigation interview.

Let’s Summarize. What are your rights if you are detained?

  1. The right to remain silent when interrogated by the police.
  2. The right to know the reason why you have been arrested or detained.
  3. The right to hire and instruct a lawyer.
  4. The right to have the service of the available duty counsel and legal aid.
  5. The right to speak with a lawyer, in private, as soon as possible.

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