Cricket Bats Review

Cricket bats are the specially designed equipment used by all the cricket players to bowl with the ball. There are many types of cricket bats available in the market made of different materials, styles and designs. The cricket bat is an essential item of cricket kit that one should buy for the game. The cricket bat is a heavy instrument and one should choose it carefully after considering some basic points.

Cricket bats are made of different materials like ash, steel, wood and so on. The main types of cricket bats include: medium height bat, short length bat, tall cricket bat, flat bats, full length cricket bat, v-shaped bat, reverse hitters’ bat, and limited overhanging cricket bat. These cricket bats have their own features and specifications that differ from each other. Some of them are:

Medium Height bats:

This is a very common type of cricket bat and usually it comes with a tapered handle that is comfortable when used for striking the ball. The handle is not too narrow and there is a sweet spot present near the center of the handle. A good quality bat with a medium height handle would be one that is relatively light in weight. But the sweet spot located near the center of the handle may not necessarily be the best location for one to place the sweet spot when striking a ball. If it is not placed in the right location then it will be harder for one to control the direction of the swing.

Short length bat

This is another type of cricket bat made of wood. These bats are made in standard size of bat but with a tapered handle that is shorter. The wood used for making these cricket bats will vary depending on the origin of the wood. Some will be made from white oak while others will be made from willow wood.

– Two handled cricket bats: It is also made of two pieces of wood but they are not connected together. The bat is not wider than the longest part of the body. One can choose between short or long length bats when looking for this type. Two handled bats will have a thin wood with a heavy base. The weight of this cricket bat will be lighter than the one that is made of standard length wood.

Playing conditions

There is nothing more exciting than watching the game of cricket. To have the best chance of winning the game one has to choose the correct mrf cricket bat for playing conditions. The materials that are used in the manufacture of these cricket bats will affect their performance. The material that is used for making bat is important because it affects the bat durability and ability to withstand hard impacts and weather conditions.

Location of manufacture

Although many bats are made in different countries, India is the major producer of cricket bats. The reason for this is the lower cost of labor and availability of raw materials. When compared to the other countries that export cricket bats, India is able to buy cheap raw materials and sell high quality ones at a reasonable price. The manufacturing of these cricket bats is done at the national level. For example, the bat that is used in the test matches will be manufactured in India and then exported.

These cricket bat reviews provide information on bats that are available for sale. The buyer should determine which bat best suits his needs. It should also be able to meet his expectations during a match.

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