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7 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic

Actionable SEO Techniques

Have you recently make a new website? Either you have an existing website.

Are you looking for organic traffic that ranks your website in days?

These are a few key techniques to rank your websites in no time.

Here are 7 actionable SEO techniques that will increase your website traffic.

1. Improve User Experiences Across Your Website:

User Experiences Across Your Website

Poor quality websites are not usually rank by google in order to gain more traffic you must give the best quality content to your users.

You will need to know what your viewers want from you.

If your websites do not look professional, updated, trustworthy, or is slow to load, users are likely to close your website, at first sight, they bounce back to the search bar to click another result.

You will lose users and potential conversions, and this will increase your bounce rate of affected pages.

2. Optimize for Voice Search:

Voice search is something that you should apply to gain traffic and make your websites ranked.

Voice Search:

  •     Most the peoples are using voice searches on daily basis.
  •   Most adult people use voice search.
  •     25% of regular age 18-24 uses voice search on mobile.
  •     Students are likely to use voice search for studying purposes.

There is a difference in how to text search and voice search is used, and how you should optimize your voice search, as well as results that are given to users.

3. Mobile Look:

Mobile Look

85% of users open the website on their cell phones.

The website design should not be only for desktop, but it must be fully managed and designed for mobile users.

  •     77% of peoples open websites from their mobiles.
  •     85% of cellphone users make an online purchase.

This means your website mobile version must be crawled and indexed like your desktop version.

As a result, If you make any new website you should focus on the mobile version of your website.

Such as how it appears and performs on mobile.

The Desktop version is also important because it is used by professionals but the mobile version needs to come first because of a higher ratio.

4. Focus:

Google works on an algorithm. Google’s objective is to provide its users with the best services and to understand their intentions.

What are they looking for? What do they want? What is more important to them?

However, do not expect your website to be on the first page by using simple keywords and focused content.

It’s not enough to be on the first page by only using keywords. We need to look at the context on websites, the material on the website.

5. Longer Content:

SEO study by backlinks proved that writing long content has more chances to creates more backlinks, which would increase organic traffic.

Writing 2000+ words for every blog post is not for everyone but usually, it is good to write 2000+ words to the blog and provide quality backlinks.

Want to check a sample of longer content blogs then click on Social Snipper.

Tips for Content:

  •     Refresh Your Old Content
  •     Used Focus Keywords
  •     Content not be plagiarized

6. Advantage Of Youtube SEO:

Youtube SEO

Youtube is the active site on the social media platform with a higher rate of users and visitors.

Youtube is the most popular search engine these days. Youtube has 100 DA and PA.

Make Your Video SEO-Friendly:

Youtube also has its own algorithm.

It works with collecting information in your video you must have to provide title, description, filename and these are the elements that popular your video.

Video title and video description is the most important in youtube search results

7. Analyze SEO Reports:

Analytic and reporting are two important factors of SEO.

It helps you to improve your overall marketing.

Reporting means that you can easily understand such questions?

  •     What content your customers like?
  •     Which part of the website has more issues?
  •     Which page was most visited?
  •     Which keyword should you use in the future?

It is very difficult to understand those questions without reporting and complete analytics.

 If you want to know more about analytic and reporting then Social Snipper is the answer to your questions. Do give it a try.


As we all know SEO is the most fundamental tool for ranking your website and gaining traffic.

SEO is rapidly growing, marketer and business owners have to works on SEO to take your website on the competition page.

Make sure to spend time on content creations. Follow the technical trends such as backlinks, guest post.

Learn the  SEO and you will see a difference in your website’s clicks, rankings.

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