5 Safety Tips for Playing a Cricket Game

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Physical activities and games can pose a threat to your health. If not played properly, you can get involved in a minor or major injury. The main goal of the players should be to take safety measures before indulging in any game. While playing cricket, the player can easily fall while catching the ball and suffer injury. Excessive playing can lead to sprains and muscle strains. As it is said, prevention is better than cure; here are some safety tips for cricket players.

Take of Your Health:

Firstly it is important to maintain your health and increase your stamina to save yourself from unnecessary injury. Players need to train well and have a workout routine to build their muscles. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated before playing a match.

It is essential to do warm-up and stretches before any game that helps you to loosen your muscles. Make use of sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Wear Protective Gear:

Proper protection gear should be worn during the match. It is highly important to prevent any injury or bone fracture. It includes a helmet, body padding, leg pads, gloves, forearm pads, and abdominal protector gear. It is essential to wear protective equipment even when you are training.

To protect your skull bone, you can shop high quality cricket helmets. Purchase a helmet with a faceguard that also covers your face. Without proper safety gear, you are exposing yourself to any physical injury.

Make Sure the Field is Safe:

Before playing cricket in the field, you should check the ground for any broken glass pieces or any other harmful material. Make sure the area is clean from any other hazardous things and obstacles. Avoid playing in wet or extremely hot conditions as it increases the risk of injury.

Even if you are playing a practice match, make sure to have telephone access to call in case of any emergency. Make sure to remove water from the pitch. When you are practicing using a net, it should be strong enough to stop a cricket ball.

When someone is injured during the Game:

When you or your fellow player ends up getting injured, it is important to take proper measures. With the help of medical professionals, take the player away from the ground immediately. Call qualified first aid personnel to treat the player.

Injured players should take proper rehabilitation treatments to ensure a full recovery. In the case of bone fracture, it is required to wear a cast and avoid unnecessary movement. You should not make your return to the field without proper treatment and recovery.

Use Proper Game Techniques:

Cricket players should be trained on proper techniques of bowling, catching, and batting. Bowlers should throw the bowl with correct movements without over-stretching the muscles.

The number of overs that a bowler plays should be kept within a limit. Coaches should train the batters on how to move a bat with proper techniques. Utilize the abilities of the players according to their age and physical abilities.


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