5 Common repairs that you can make yourself while on a road trip

5 Common repairs that you can make yourself while on a road trip

Road trips are an amazing way to explore the countryside and enjoy nature and incredible landscape. For travelers who love this adventure, there is no definite season or reason to hit the road. Nothing works better than amusing sceneries, crisp and flattering weather, and long stretches of peace and solitude when it comes to revitalizing yourself and your life.

As you get ready with your bags packed, make sure to have an emergency toolkit handy. You can buy one or get customized from reputed stores like eztoolbox.com.au. It will make your trip much easier and delegate more confidence as you are prepared to handle those little annoying hardships your vehicle might give you.

Even if you are running a bustling restless life, a short run on the road can revamp your energy and enthusiasm. So, why let the apprehensions of a mechanical breakdown in your vehicle draw you away from that pleasure. With the right set of tools and a little skill, you can make those repairs yourself and get the wheels rolling on the road. Here are a few common repairs that you can handle without rushing to a garage.

  • Tire issues

A flat tire is an issue that all road travelers must have experienced some time or the other. With a right set of wrenches or a socket set, you can easily and quickly change the tire and get going. These tools bring much relief when the weather is not favoring and your tire goes flat.

Also, keep handy, the tire plug, tire plug cement, and tire plug tools to handle an unfortunate situation. You can fix your tire issues with these tools and save your money from buying a new one.

  • Perforated exhaust pipes

Getting an exhaust pipe fixed should be a must as it might come under the safety inspections in many states. However, you can use some quick fix hacks to get out of an emergency.

If your pipe is not rusted too bad, you can use epoxy and beer cans to seal the holes. Wire coat hangers can help you strap the pipe back to the bottom of your vehicle. You can also use baling wire or zip ties. But make sure you are not using baling wires where electricity is involved.

  • Cracked hoses

Cracks in heater or radiator hoses can surprise you at any time. You can make a quick fix by using beer cans wrapped in elastic and robust stripes of a rug, maybe your t-shirt. Then tie everything up using baling wires of hoses clamps.

  • Leaking gaskets

In many cases, you might need a new gasket. However, try cleaning all the oil and grease from the mating surface of the gasket. If you can do that, you can carefully use a thin layer of silicone or gasket market to shut the gaps.

  • Falling off parts

It is common to rip off parts at the bottom of the car, such as an exhaust pipe while driving on a bumpy road. One easy way to harness such parts is to use coat hangers at a few spots mindfully parted. You can also use zip ties if you are afraid of them falling again. Beer cans and hose clamps provide a good measure to seal the holes.

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